Careers in Portland, OR

jobs-in-portlandFinding a career opportunity in Portland is all about connecting. Networking is the most effective strategy for locating positions and working with a seasoned well connected recruiter allows you the benefit of leveraging their client and candidate contacts for finding and filling those roles.

Your recruiter’s network ensures you access to a client pool built over time based upon a proven track record of identifying and placing high performing talent.

Job hunting in Portland is unique, with many professionals claiming there is only one degree of separation between you and a prospective employer. We can help you “connect the dots” and put you in touch with the appropriate contacts, those individuals who can and want to help you to achieve your goals.

When deciding what firm you choose to partner with, it’s important to determine how well positioned your recruiter is to make these connections.

Our Specialties:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Sales & Marketing

What Candidates Can Expect From Us

We look forward to meeting each of our candidates in person. First, you complete a questionnaire designed to help kick-start the process and establish a road map for success. It also helps establish a clear understanding of your goals and what employers best fit those objectives.

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A Guide For Candidates: Dos and Don’ts of Working with A Recruiter


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  • Work with a well networked recruiter who specializes in your area and has the functional expertise.
  • Interview recruiters to determine who is best aligned with your values and job search criteria.
  • Communicate often with your recruiter to ensure they are augmenting your individual efforts, but not circumventing your independent job search activities.
  • Let your recruiter know the organizations or type of company you are targeting. You may be able to leverage their contacts or gain valuable insight into these companies based upon their knowledge and past experience.
  • Accept their suggestions. If your recruiter is seasoned, they can be a valuable resource beyond just finding you a job or temporary assignment.
  • Keep your recruiter informed of where you have interviewed. Duplication will only make you look as if you lack control of your own job search.
  • Apply for positions online, but keep your resume private.
  • Tell your recruiter about any skeletons you have in your closet, this is not the time for surprises!
  • Manage your references to enable your recruiter access to these individuals when they are conducting background investigations.
  • Communicate any changes to your recruiter, such as your status or job search goals and objectives. Information is power and will help your recruiter represent you accurately.

Do Not:

  • Don’t work with multiple recruiters in the same city, especially in Portland. Too many cooks in the kitchen can hurt your chances rather than help them.
  • Don’t work with a recruiter who doesn’t respect your goals and objectives. Avoid transactional recruiters who lack the ability to listen and engage in learning about you.
  • Don’t post your resume online, over time like most things your resume has a shelf life, it will become harmful to your search, eventually creating a negative perception of you as a less attractive candidate who has been in the job market too long.
  • Don’t give a recruiter your resume until you have had several people proofread it. Retain an expert if your budget permits. Many recruiters will not give you a critique or simply don’t know how.
  • Don’t engage a recruiter to shop you around if you have no intention of leaving your company.

Be prepared to make adjustments when you work with a recruiter. If you need coaching to make that determination work with a recruiter or consultant who can help you determine whether you are appropriately positioned for growth in your current organization, and whether a transition makes sense.