Direct Hire Contingency Search

At Kent Employment Solutions, we utilize a number of recruiting resources to track down the candidate that works best for your job requirements and company culture. Our extensive network of contacts will help us identify and then narrow the pool of qualified candidates for your direct hiring needs.

Once you have a candidate to your liking, we will follow up during the first 90 days to ensure a smooth transition. If during those first three months things don’t work out, we offer you a guarantee, with a 100% credit towards refiling the position. Our risk-free approach is the most effective way to find the best talent and bring them into your organization.

You directly hire the person onto your payroll. The Employer pays a service charge based upon the percentage of the candidate’s starting annual salary. We offer you a guarantee of 90 calendar days, 100% credit towards replacing that position. The benefit of this option is you gain access to the entire candidate pool, including passive job seekers.