employer staffing servicesWe identify, assess and recruit the best executives in the Northwest and beyond, bringing their senior leadership skills to your organization to give you a competitive edge in your industry. We specialize in placing executives in accounting, finance, human resources, administration, sales, and marketing.

Our executive recruiting skills, catered to your specific needs and goals, are unmatched. Our entire focus throughout the recruiting process is to bring the best executives to the best businesses in the Portland area. Just as importantly, we are committed to a process conducted ethically and with complete confidentiality.

Recruiting Specialties

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Sales & Marketing

A Guide For Employers

The dos and don’ts of Working with A Recruiter


  • Engage a recruiter to assist you in locating talent.
  • Have a desire to see your recruiter succeed, don’t exercise them; they may not want to work with you next time.
  • Determine the terms & conditions in writing before you ask them to dedicate resources to working on your opening.
  • Provide them all the necessary information needed to fully understand how to best source the appropriate candidates.
  • Support your recruiter in how best to sell and position your company. Educate them regarding why candidates would want to become employed with you, see your recruiter as an extension of your marketing and overall employment brand.
  • Provide them feedback on the candidates they submit. Candidates will judge you by the way you conduct your hiring process. Not following through with your recruiter will ultimately trickle down to the candidates they are representing and could damage your employment brand.
  • Work with a sense of urgency. If you interview someone you consider promising, move the process along. Don’t delay and drag it out. You risk losing top talent no matter what market conditions exist.


  • Don’t negotiate with your recruiter after the fact; honor your original terms and conditions.
  • Don’t work with multiple recruiters for a local search, keep it to one or two. The market is too small and many recruiters will not be willing to dedicate their time and resources unless they believe the client wants them to be successful.
  • Don’t delay getting back to your recruiter with feedback regarding resume submittals and interviews. Your ability to fully participate in the process in a timely manner will reflect on how the candidate views your ability to make decisions and get things accomplished.
  • Don’t waste time. If you don’t fully intend to pay a fee, it’s best to work through your own efforts.
  • Don’t change the process with each interview. Be consistent in how you vet each potential candidate. Your recruiter will prepare the candidate for what to expect.