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Wendy Kent, Founder

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Wendy is the founder of Kent Employment Solutions.

It all started with a phone and a stack of index cards. Armed with company names, rejection notes from past employees, and marching orders from my manager to make 25 cold calls each day and ask for business, I was both scared, and intrigued, by the new and emerging industry I had stumbled upon.

That was 1991. I had taken took the job because everyone seemed nice and the office was professional ­­ — and because, lets face it: I have always loved talking on the phone, a skill I’ve been honing since I was 13 years old, when my parents gave me a phone with my own number –perhaps it was an omen!     I had no idea at the time that this would become my life long career and passion. I started out unsure but after making my first placement, I never looked back!

I’ve watched my industry change dramatically over the years; it’s often hard to keep up which is why it’s so interesting and exciting, and  have had the good fortune to meet 100’s of wonderful people along the way who have helped guide and evolve my path. I could not have found a better fit!

In January of 2010 I took all my work experiences in recruiting/staffing, coaching and outplacement consulting and formed my own company, Kent Employment Solutions.   It’s been a wild ride full of ups and downs and lots of lessons learned.

Today, we are thriving as a business and have enjoyed both the challenges and rewards of being entrepreneurs. I take each candidate’s career very seriously and know how hard it is to make a change, I’ve been there.

I welcome inquiries and introductions; every person I meet makes me better professionally.

Wendy is the Co-Chair of the Portland Human Resource Management Association Recruiting & Selection Special Interest Group. She facilitates a number of annual learning events designed to assist recruiters in honing their craft.

Wendy is also one of the founders of the Portland Strategic HR Group.  This group was created to provide a forum for strategic HR leaders to share knowledge and discuss primary HR topics.  All participants have a local area focus and represent a variety of industries.

Wendy attended New York University and holds a Bachelor of Art & Sciences with a major in sociology and a minor in history. Her hobbies include yoga, cycling, swim aerobics, good wine, friends and family!

David Kent, Founder

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David is the co-founder of Kent Employment Solutions. I have always been an entrepreneur.  I started my own contracting business in the late 80’s, working for myself has always provided me the most reward and satisfaction.  As an owner at Kent Employment Solutions, I provide operational leadership and expertise to the business.  I am known for my deep knowledge of Portland and my lifelong experience conducting business in the local market.  I’m a native Oregonian, and I have supported Wendy Kent in her career from the very beginning, often assisting behind the scenes and providing sound advice to her and the organizations she has served. I enjoy cycling, yoga, horticulture, kayaking and all that living in Oregon has to offer.


Michelle Patton, SPHR linkedin


Michelle is our recruiting affiliate via her firm Aria Consulting, LLC.

I am eclectic and action oriented, and I believe that a sense of humor, empathy, and flexibility are more crucial to organizational success than skills, education, and experience and are far too often overlooked. To be an effective People leader it’s essential to possess a sense of humor, empathy, a passion for learning, and a little quirk never hurt. Yes, I said quirk. Aren’t we in the business of people? So our ability to create connections with people is crucial, isn’t it? And people aren’t drawn to and don’t open up to personalities rocks, do they? One of the best things an employee every told me was “You aren’t the typical HR person.” Someone else told me “You surprise me.  You aren’t a regular HR person.”  Woo, hoo!  This to me was an amazing compliment and a wake-up call for our profession.  What fun is it to be typical?  What innovation comes from staying the course?  Who wants to be regular anyway?

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Linfield College.  In her spare time, Michelle enjoys singing in choir, travel, wine, reading and spending time with her four-legged children.