Recruiting Services

Executive Search


We identify, assess and recruit the best executives in the Northwest and beyond, bringing their senior leadership skills to your organization to give you a competitive edge in your industry. We specialize in placing executives in accounting, finance, IT, human resources, administration, sales, and marketing.

Our executive recruiting skills, catered to your specific needs and goals, are unmatched. Our entire focus throughout the recruiting process is to bring the best executives to the best businesses in the Portland area. Just as importantly, we are committed to a process conducted ethically and with complete confidentiality.

You directly hire the person onto your payroll. The employer pays a service charge based upon the percentage of the candidate’s starting annual salary. A down payment of one third of the anticipated fee is due upon execution of the agreement. We offer you a guarantee of 180 calendar days, 100% credit towards replacing that position. The benefit of this option is you gain access to the entire candidate pool, including candidates sourced that you did not elect to interview/hire who may be appropriate for future roles and passive job seekers. This arrangement ensures the full attention and dedication of the recruiting team to your open position.

Direct Hire Contingency Search

We utilize our extensive network of contacts to identify qualified candidates for your direct hiring needs. We offer you a 90-day guarantee, with a 100% credit towards refiling the position. There is no better risk-free and cost effective way to bring top talent directly into your organization.

You directly hire the person onto your payroll. The Employer pays a service charge based upon the percentage of the candidate’s starting annual salary. We offer you a guarantee of 90 calendar days, 100% credit towards replacing that position. The benefit of this option is you gain access to the entire candidate pool, including passive job seekers.


When you need short-term help, but are not looking to hire someone long-term, we provide job candidates who best fit your temporary needs and understand your objectives and finite nature of the work.

Employers choose this option when they need short-term help (vacation replacement, seasonal assistance) and are not seeking to hire someone on long term. This is an excellent way to provide staff augmentation, project management or even training & development to your existing staff by bringing on the talent you need short term.

It is also a sound way to help employers better understand newly created positions and what they ultimately need long term in roles that are not yet completely defined. Job seekers like this option because it allows them the chance to “preview” jobs and companies to gain a clearer understanding of their long term goals and objectives for full time employment.


Do you need a professional with the flexibility of starting out on a trial basis? We match our clients with workers open to the temporary-to-hire arrangement, which gives you the benefit of being able to evaluate their performance before making the ultimate decision of bringing them on in a full-time role.

This option allows the employer the opportunity to evaluate the position and the person in the position. The employer works with the candidate on a temporary basis for 520 hours. Upon notification by the employer following the first 520 hours, the candidate will be transferred to the employer’s payroll at no additional cost to the employer. Job seekers like this option because it allows them the chance to “preview” a job and a company before making a decision.

Early Conversion

This option allows the employer to convert the temp-to-hire candidate at an earlier time than the 520 hours. You will pay a conversion charge based on the amount of time the temporary employee worked at your facility. There is no replacement guarantee with this option.

Job/Needs Analysis

Kent Employment Solutions collaborates with companies to determine the type of candidate they need to achieve their short and long term strategy. Companies expand, contract and transform often creating gaps or deficiencies within their current staff. Although they recognize the gap exists, the first step in making a change, they are not fully equipped to articulate the specific modifications they need to implement to close those gaps and hire the right talent.

At Kent Employment Solutions we assist organizations in defining the type of employee they require to ensure they are putting the right people in place for long term success.

Hiring Process Design

Kent Employment Solutions will help your company define and create a measurable objective process for assessing potential candidates. Many organizations especially those who are family owned or closely held rarely hire, and when they do each hire is critical to the overall success of the organization. They are often flooded with family, friends and other personal referrals who want to work for the organization.

A structured, objective, measurable hiring process designed to narrow the choice based upon skills, knowledge, abilities and fit can help employers avoid the pitfalls of hiring emotionally rather than objectively.

Hiring Process Map


Transition Consulting-Outplacement

Not your virtual cookie cutter approach! Helping your former employees impacted by a reduction in force. Individuals in transition need something better than a user ID and pass code that allows them access to a group of webinars attended by a wide-ranging group of individual contributors and professionals located in multiple geographies.

Most employees have experienced one or more layoffs in their employment history; they know the basics of job search and desire a high touch customizable one-on-one approach when working with a transition consultant. They require individual private services specifically designed for their unique situation, role and level. Companies can avoid paying for expensive programs often only utilized a few times by working with a consultant under a plan designed to give the individual the support they need, paying only for what they utilize during their transition, not more, not less.

Executive Coaching

Kent Employment Solutions provides a customized coaching approach designed to assist executives in their development and to provide long term sustainable behavioral change that is directly tied to business results. We work with our clients to design a development plan that is customized for each client’s role and situation.