Do you need a professional with the flexibility of starting out on a trial basis? We match our clients with workers open to the temporary-to-hire arrangement, which gives you the benefit of being able to evaluate their performance before making the ultimate decision of bringing them on in a full-time role.

The vetting process can be difficult, especially when there is a short window to make the ultimate decision. It’s extremely valuable to see how a new employee works in real-world scenarios with your current staff and evaluate their performance.

Not only does a temporary-to-hire scenario allow employers to give new workers a trial run, the candidate will also have the opportunity to evaluate if the position fits their goals. It lays a foundation for both sides to give their best and work comfortably knowing a commitment comes at a later date.

This option allows the employer the opportunity to evaluate the position and the person in the position. The employer works with the candidate on a temporary basis for 520 hours. Upon notification by the employer following the first 520 hours, the candidate will be transferred to the employer’s payroll at no additional cost to the employer. Job seekers like this option because it allows them the chance to “preview” a job and a company before making a decision.

Early Conversion

If you find that you are happy with your temporary-to-hire candidate before the standard 520-hour temporary/evaluation period, the early conversion option gives you the ability to convert them to a full-time member of your team sooner than later.

This option allows the employer to convert the temp-to-hire candidate at an earlier time than the 520 hours. You will pay a conversion charge based on the amount of time the temporary employee worked at your facility. There is no replacement guarantee with this option.