contract-positions-portlandWhen you need short-term help, but are not looking to hire someone long-term, we provide job candidates who best fit your temporary needs and understand your objectives and finite nature of the work.

Hiring workers on a contract (temporary) basis can be extremely beneficial to your business. Maybe you need the flexibility of bringing on temporary help to meet a deadline on a critical project. Or, maybe there’s a planned or sudden absence that needs to be filled.

No matter what the reason, we can handle your needs in a cost effective manner with contract or interim workers who will help you meet your goals and minimize stress in a potentially trying time.

Employers choose this option when they need short-term help (vacation replacement, seasonal assistance) and are not seeking to hire someone on long term. This is an excellent way to provide staff augmentation, project management or even training & development to your existing staff by bringing on the talent you need short term.

It is also a sound way to help employers better understand newly created positions and what they ultimately need long term in roles that are not yet completely defined. Job seekers like this option because it allows them the chance to “preview” jobs and companies to gain a clearer understanding of their long term goals and objectives for full time employment.