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The Resilient You – Are You Resilient? Lee Whittier Edencrest Enterprises a social purpose corporation

The Resilient You – Are You Resilient?


Your job has vanished into thin air. What you have gone through is a major life change, and no one else can know what you’re going through. So now what?  Where do you start rebuilding your life?  In the depths of devastation, how do you make the necessary transition to become a strong job contender?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a difficult or traumatic life event. Think of resilience as even more powerful than the event that put you in a position to be examining the concept.

Resilience can be achieved by

  • re-examining and re-framing a negative perception of reality, and
  • choosing ways of being that enhance the creation of a realistic and positive framework.

You may be resilient and ready to check out options and guidance on how to dive into a new, perfect-for-you job.  That momentum is highly desirable, but wait a minute.  Are you authentically resilient, or underneath that façade, are you really feeling unempowered and victimized?  Spend some time taking stock of yourself and what you’re really feeling.  Get in front of a mirror and ask yourself one question: “Am I resilient or am I fooling myself?”

If you see a mess in the mirror, have compassion for yourself. Begin by embracing your situation as a temporary condition. Your system of family and friends, career coaches or counselors, and transition experts can help you move forward to be ready for action. Use these people as resources through your cycle of change.

The Resilient You is the raw material that your recruiter has to work with. If you’re steady, you’re ready for some practice interviews with your recruiter/staffing agency. The better shape you’re in, the more effectively the recruiter can do the job!

You are in charge of how you live your life every moment.  Here are some practical things to enlist in your life that will help you feel more empowered and resilient.

  • Get up every morning at a set time and get dressed for work.  Yup, just do it.
  • Create a schedule for your day. Stick to it.
  • Do at least 45 minutes of exercise every single day.  This is part of your new job.
  • Eat fresh foods and focus on a healthy diet.  It’ll sharpen your mind.
  • Develop a daily, spiritual practice like meditation, prayer, or read something beautiful like poetry or write in a  journal.
  • Create a new personal/household budget.  This will give you more control and help you to feel empowered.  This is a must!
  • Make the choice to be around people who are joyful and lead balanced lives. Stay away from negative people.
  • Finally, practice resilience by belly-laughing  as long and hard as you can every day.

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Lee Whittier Edencrest Enterprises a social purpose corporation

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Lee Whittier brings over 20 years’ experience to stress reduction and lifestyle awareness consulting.  She specializes in using empathy to assist people who are navigating major life transitions.  Lee earned her undergraduate degree in Human Communications from Marylhurst University and a post-graduate certificate in Mediation/Conflict Management studies from Woodbury Institute at Champlain.  In her private life, she loves hiking with her family and two Tibetan Terrier dogs, Palmer and GG.