Job Search in Portland is Unique

Professionals in Portland often feel there is only one degree of separation between themselves and a prospective employer, which means finding a career opportunity in Portland is all about connecting. Networking is the most effective strategy for locating positions, and working with a seasoned, well-connected recruiter allows you to leverage their client and candidate contacts. When assessing your options, it’s important to determine how well positioned your recruiter is to make these connections.

We have built our Portland network over time and maintained it based on our record of accomplishment in identifying and placing high performing talent, so we are perfectly positioned to help you “connect the dots” with the individuals who can help you achieve your goals.

Working with Kent Employment Solutions

We look forward to meeting each of our candidates in person. Automation has a time and a place, but does not replace the importance of personal interaction.

Our initial conversation and questionnaire establish a road map for success, so it is best for each candidate to arrive as prepared as possible.

Preparing to Work with a Recruiter

Contact and update your references so you will be ready to provide your recruiter access to these individuals during your background investigation.

Make sure you are genuinely ready, mentally and emotionally, to begin the process; if you are currently employed, be sure you have a clear internal intention of leaving your company.

If you need help to clarify your intentions—for example, to determine whether you may be able to grow in your current organization or whether a transition makes sense—work with a career coach or consultant first.

Before you contact recruiters, have several people review and proofread your resume and even retain an expert if your budget permits.

Do not post your resume online—you may want to customize and align your resume to reflect the experience you have that specifically maps with each opening and the position requirements.

After working with her for a mere two months, it was clear she works very hard to achieve this goal. Simply put, Wendy is kind, generous, and her career advice is spot-on. I am about to embark on my dream career path and I am so grateful for Wendy's involvement.

Elizabeth McGarryMarketing + Communications Specialist