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Kent Employment Solutions offers a full range of recruiting services for employers, which means we can address each stage in the lifecycle of the hiring process.

Needs Analysis

As a company expands, contracts, and transforms, it can create skill gaps within the existing staff. Although the company may recognize these deficits, few are equipped to articulate the specific modifications needed to close these gaps by hiring the right talent. In the earliest phase of engagement, we help employers perform an overall analysis in order to determine the type of candidate they need to hire in order to deliver their short- and long-term strategies. By helping organizations define their needs clearly, we lay the groundwork for finding the right people.

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Hiring Process Optimization

Defining a measurable, objective process for assessing potential candidates is crucial for every business. Repeatedly, we have seen such companies fill critical roles based on emotional criteria after being flooded with personal referrals. Choosing Kent Employment Solutions to design your hiring process will help you avoid this pitfall by creating a structure that focuses on skills, knowledge, abilities, and fit.

Temporary Staffing

Short-Term Support

Employers choose this option when they need interim help and are not seeking to hire someone on long term. We provide job candidates who best fit your temporary needs and understand your objectives and finite nature of the work. In addition to the most common reasons for seeking this support—vacation replacement, seasonal assistance, and so on—bringing in talent for short engagements can help you meet other objectives in ways you may not have considered:

  • Augment staff skill sets
  • Build short-term capacity
  • Manage specific projects
  • Train existing employees
  • Pilot and test newly created positions


If you would prefer to evaluate a person’s performance before moving them into a permanent role, we can match you with workers open to the temp-to-hire arrangement. The built-in flexibility of this engagement gives you the opportunity to evaluate both the position and the person in it. Job seekers also like this option because it allows to “preview” a job and a company before making a decision.

  • Employer works with the candidate on a temporary basis for 520 hours
  • If satisfied, employer hires the person directly onto their payroll at no additional cost

The employer may convert the temp-to-hire candidate before the 520 hours are complete by paying a conversion charge based on the amount of time the temporary employee worked as a temporary employee with your organization. There is no replacement guarantee with this option.

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Wendy has been a great recruiter. With her help, I've been able to hire outstanding people. She has an excellent network, moves fast, and doesn't waste anyone's time.

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